Blood Oil: A Lachlan Fox Thriller

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Served in Iraq, East Timor and Afghanistan.

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International investigative journalist. The right man for the wrong place. Oil prices are rocketing. Terror attacks have destabilised the global economy. The White House believes the Nigerian oil fields are the key to safeguarding America's future Travelling from New York to Nigeria, investigative journalist and ex-navy operative Lachlan Fox is hunting the story.

Blood Oil - A Lachlan Fox Thriller (Electronic book text)

He's seen combat action before, but this time it's personal. Wrestling with demons that push him right to the edge and leave him exposed like never before, will Fox uncover the truth in time? Or will his quest for revenge see him go too far? From his teens he wanted to be a novelist but first tried his hand at a real job, studying and working in architecture before turning to English literature, spending five years at a newspaper and obtaining an MA and PhD in writing.

His hero, Lachlan Fox, is just the kind of gritty man the world needs in a time of crisis. You showed him to be flawed, wounded, and cynical about his service and that made him a more empathetic character. I worked at a broadsheet newspaper for five years, a major metropolitan daily. While I was never a news reporter—more the hack writer and interviewer type for features and supplements—most my good friends there were that dying breed of investigative reporters.

I thought a character who had that job, traveling the world and covering geo-political hot-spots, would be a cool take on the espionage-type genre. Well, at least in the first few books….

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You did a great job is this story delving into the moral ambiguities and political expediencies in the name of combating terror. You also show the human costs of high-tech warfare and the consequences of rapacious corporate development. BLOOD OIL was the logical continuation of that, and we see a world where the bad guys are driven by economics and ideology as much as those who oppose them.

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In enters Lachlan Fox, the righter of wrongs, to crack a few heads and set things right. You love your gun porn. Considering that Australia has some extremely restrictive gun laws, how do you manage your research? Do you ever get to shoot some of the weapons you describe in your books? What weapon would you like to fire? I talk regularly at military bases and afterwards we usually get to play with things that go boom.

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Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies I watched as a kid. It helps that I have a few fans in the US in the military and police that have helped out, along with some avid readers who are lovers of all things techno-thriller. I grew up reading Tom Clancy, so that was a good starting point for me—his first several books are a master-class on how to write the US military.

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Another of your skills was to smoothly portray fast-action choreography without making it clunky. I plan and research for a month or two before I put pen to paper, so I usually know where my big action set pieces will fall. Who are some of your favorite authors? The boring reality is that I write every day.

Blood Oil : A Lachlan Fox Thriller Book 3

The first 3 years I did a thriller per year. These days, I divide my time between writing thrillers for adults and for younger readers. I start my days at a local cafe, writing a couple thousand words over a couple good strong coffees. Then, depending on how close I am to a deadline will depend on whether I do some more writing after dinner or not.

Repeat this process days per year.

Somewhere in there I manage to have fun with friends and family, and squeeze in the odd occasion to blow something up.