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He demands Gold for a sack he claims that contains "good stuff". Wandering Demon. A demon wandering around the world came to visit the dungeon. He suggests he'll modify your dungeon traps using his experience of tricking humans for many years. This is the gateway to your dream.

Here's what to expect from Blizzard's "hero brawler" over the next year.

You have to pay to get in. You found a little green tree branch in the middle of a long-abandoned ruins.

You can feel something from the branch. You stand in the midst of darkness where you can't tell whether if your eyes are open or closed. Even the voice sounds dark. Remarks: This event will not be encountered if you have taken a Contract of Light 1. You hear a voice when you begin to feel like you can control the power of the darkness throughout your dungeon.

Both will be consumed if used. You are surrounded by a huge flame. But the fire feels rather warm, so you're beginning to think that this is a dream when you heard a voice from afar. Remarks: This event will not be encountered if you have taken a Contract of Nature 1 or Contract of Water 1. You can feel the power of fire surrounding the dungeon grow bigger.

You feel the intense power, and realize that you can now summon the Lord of Fire. You need a ritual that fills the entire dungeon with the power of fire. A warm light surrounds you.

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You know this is a dream, but you don't want to wake up. The sweet voice from the light makes you feel good. Remarks: This event will not be encountered if you have taken a Contract of Darkness 1. The power of light illuminating the dungeon becomes stronger and stronger. You are beginning to think that you can do anything with the power of light. The Lord of Light is waiting for you to fill your dungeon with the power of light. Walking through thick forest in the middle of a wide meadow, you feel relaxed by the warm sunshine and the fresh smell of leaves. You hear a soft voice echoing in the forest.

Remarks: This event will not be encountered if you have taken a Contract of Fire 1 or Contract of Water 1. The dungeon is full of the power of nature. You feel the power of the Lord of Nature in the midst of the nature's overflowing power. You can summon the Rule of Nature once you fill the dungeon with the power of nature.

You found yourself submerged in water. You know that it's a dream, so you're feeling relaxed when a voice calls you. Remarks: This event will not be encountered if you have taken a Contract of Fire 1 or Contract of Nature 1.


The energy of the water surrounding the dungeon is getting stronger. When you feel that power, you realize that the Lord of Water is waiting for you. You need a ritual that fills the entire dungeon with the power of water. A trap researcher offered that he'd strengthen your traps using an ancient cubes in exchange for research investment. Remarks: If you risk a small investment you will not know if he succeeded until he returns, but since he is willing to try again it is technically possible to see this event multiple times , atleast until you succeed or outright refuse.

The trap researcher came back. He hands you a cube, saying that the Devil Cube has been completed. The trap researcher says he can make it even stronger with a bit more investment. The trap researcher showed up with a Devil Cube emitting strong energy. You met the trap researcher holding a shining cube in his hands. He says the research was very successful, and hands you the cube. Remarks: This event is the result of attempting to murder the researcher.

You felt the entire dungeon shaking. Alarmed, you came outside to find an unstable portal. You look closer, and find an altar with strong power inside the portal. The book at E is the only possible reward in this event. You hear a strange sound inside the Dark Lord's Room.

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You find a that some faint signals are coming from a signal device that is about to fall apart. It's hard to figure out what the signal is. Remarks: This event will not be encountered until you have an Operation Room placed in your dungeon. It will be removed if used to obtain the 'book'. There are corpses of heroes and monsters near the stone statue in the center of the huge square outside the dungeon. You approach the stone statue in the center. Monsters tend to fight more than usual ever since you brought the strange statue to the dungeon. It might be because of the aura from the statue.

You must decide whether to take the stone statue to the heroes' village, or to feed all of your prisoners to it to prevent any more harm. Otherwise, you have to destroy the stone statue. You will be forced to part with it. You met a fallen angel from the ancient times who is barely alive. The Ancient Fallen Angel makes an interesting offer as you're walking past him.

Yes, you! If you bring me an angel, alive, I will give you a precious treasure of mine!

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Someone came to you as you captured an angel. Instead Norbert cages him. The feasters eat and get drunk and sleepy. Hiccup tries to get Toothless to open his cage, but instead the dragon gorges on food and swallows the key. He also awakens everyone and starts a fire. They are pursued across the ice by Norbert, and also from below the ice by the Doomfang. The Doomfang cracks open the ice. Norbert fears he is going to get eaten by him, but instead it wrestles away the potato from Hiccup with its tongue.

The Night King kills Viserion - Game of Thrones S07E06

The Doomfang eats the potato and then leaves the area, thus lifting the 'curse' from the Hysterics, as they will now be able to safely sail again. Norbert decides not to kill Hiccup because of this and leaves. Hiccup is heartbroken, as he now has no cure for Fishlegs, and returns home empty-handed. Back on Berk, Hiccup visits Fishlegs for his final moments. Hiccup is overcome with emotion and them becomes deathly pale and ill himself.

Old Wrinkly indicates he must have mixed up the boys - Fishlegs only has the flu and Hiccup has Vorpentitis. With only minutes to live, Fishlegs understands his best friend's garbled speech, and shoots him with the exotic arrow that was in the potato. It lands on Hiccup's toe.

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