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Grasp all the business courses that relate to this field. Volunteer your time in a leadership role and understand finance. Always stay positive and find others that will encourage your dreams to become a reality!! Log In. My road in life took a while to figure out. I worked for Macy's in college and planned on continuing with them after graduation. Worldwide shipping for oversized items: Art Pack: For vehicle pick up and delivery: Guarantee Auto Shippers or Reliable Auto Shippers Bidders may inspect the merchandise and are urged to do so.

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The Auctioneer makes no warranty as to condition and shall not be held responsible for any defects in any lot. All goods are on display for Public Exhibition and, condition is described in the listings for online bidders. Item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidance.

These are for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as described, as per our Terms and Conditions of Sale. All items in the catalog are sold as described. We have tried to describe each lot as accurately as possible, and we have included descriptive photographs as well. However, we are selling each lot "AS IS" and there will be no returns allowed if you are not satisfied with condition. We are not responsible for color discrepancies due to photo reproductions. Some items may vary from actual picture. Due to production requirements, there may be multiples of any given item used in the making of the referenced show.

The items listed for sale in this auction are sold AS IS. Premiere Props makes no claims regarding the condition of the items listed on this site. Premiere Props nor the consignor makes any warranties, expressed or implied, as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, the correctness of the catalogue or other description of the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, provenance, exhibitions, literature, historical relevance of any property, intended use, condition of the property including any condition report , correctness of description, origin, measurement, quality, rarity, importance, exhibition, relevance, attribution, source, provenance, date, authorship, condition, culture, genuineness, value, or period of the property.

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Premiere Props does not make any representation or warranty as to title. All descriptions, photographs, illustrations, and terminology including but not limited to words describing condition including any condition reports requested by Bidder , authorship, period, culture, source, origin, measurement, quality, rarity, provenance, importance, exhibition, and relevance, used in the catalog, bill of sale, invoice, or anywhere else, represent a good faith effort made by Premiere Props to fairly represent the lots and property offered for sale as to origin, date, condition, and other information contained therein; they are statements of opinion only.

Premiere Props and the Consigner are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the printed or online catalogues, online listings or any other material.

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They are not representations or warranties and Bidder agrees and acknowledges that he or she shall not rely on them in determining whether or not to bid or for what price. Price estimates which are determined well in advance of the auction and are therefore subject to revision and condition reports are provided solely as a convenience to Bidders and are not intended nor shall they be relied on by Bidders as statements, representations or warranties of actual value or predictions of final bid prices.

The items listed for sale in this auction are for decorative use only. They are not to be used for their seemingly functional purposes and are only intended to be sold as collector's items. DO NOT use the items purchased through this auction for any functional use, whether to store materials, for wearing, cooking with or using the auctioned item as a utensil or serving material, or using the item as a piece of furniture or any other use.

Premiere Props, INC. In the event that Premiere Props is prevented for any reason from delivering any property to Bidder or Bidder is otherwise dissatisfied with the performance of Premiere Props, the liability, if any, of Premiere Props, shall be limited to, and shall not exceed, the amount actually paid for the property by Bidder. In no event shall Premiere Props be liable for incidental, special, indirect, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of profits, value of investment or opportunity cost.

The highest bidder shall be the buyer and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will decide the bidder or immediately put the item up for sale again. We reserve the right to accept or decline any bid and all bids must be for an entire lot and each lot represents a separate sale. All bids are for each lot unless modified at the live auction by the Auctioneer. All lots will be sold in their numbered sequence or may be changed by the Auctioneer during the auction. Premiere Props shall not be liable to any Bidder in the event of such withdrawal or postponement under any circumstances.

Premiere Props reserves the right to refuse to accept bids from anyone.

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  • Bidding by telephone, fax, on-line, or absentee bidding advance written bids submitted by mail is offered solely as a convenience. Premiere Props nor its agents or employees shall be held liable for the failure to execute bids or for errors relating to any transmission or execution thereof. Failure of the Bidder to comply with any of these Conditions of Sale or the terms of the Registration Form, is an event of default. Bidder understands and acknowledges that Premiere Props will be substantially damaged should such default occur, and that damages under sub-part a are necessary to compensate Premiere Props for such damages; b resell the property without reserve at public auction or privately; c charge the Bidder interest on the Purchase Price at the rate of one and one-half per cent 1.

    Should Premiere Props resell the property, the original defaulting buyer shall be liable for the payment of any deficiency in the purchase price and all costs and expenses associated therewith , including but not limited to warehousing, sales-related expenses, reasonable attorney fees and court costs, commissions, incidental damages and any other charges due hereunder which were not collected or collectable.

    In the event that such buyer is the successful bidder on more than one lot and pays less than the purchase price for the total lots purchased, Premiere Props shall apply the payment received to such lot or lots that Premiere Props, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

    If Premiere Props does not exercise such discretion, the lots to which the payment shall be applied will be in descending order from the highest purchase price to the lowest. Premiere Props shall have the benefit of all rights of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code U. Bidder and Premiere Props agree that any agreements between the Bidder and Premiere Props including but not limited to these Conditions of Sale are entered into in Los Angeles County, California, which is where the agreements are to be performed and the auction to take place, no matter where Bidder is situated and no matter by what means or where Bidder was informed of the auction and regardless of whether catalogs, materials, or other communications were received by Bidder in another location.

    Both Premiere Props and the Bidder agree that any disputes under these Conditions of Sale, the subject matter hereof, the entering into, or any aspect of the auction, shall be exclusively governed by California law, and that any and all claims or actions shall be brought and maintained only in Los Angeles County, California in a State or Federal Court to the exclusion of any other venue, locale or jurisdiction.

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    All parties submit to such jurisdiction. Both Bidder and Premiere Props agree that these provisions are intended to be binding on all parties and that they shall solely control choice-of-law, venue and jurisdiction in the event of any dispute specifically including third party claims and cross-actions brought by either Premiere Props or Bidder, and that absent such agreement, Premiere Props would not permit Bidder to bid hereunder. Tuesday, Oct 08 Find local news. Your local news for Kent. Kent Online Sign in.

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