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Its a great book to own later on Its seriously filled with great info on constructing a commercial attraction. Dark Attraction Management A good continuation of JB's series. Includes some innovative ideas on line entertainment and construction.

If you got the bucks, this is the best investment you can make in JB's books. Not an inexpensive choice, but definitely worth it for the commerical haunter. More information than you can use! It takes a lot of skill and dollars to build the 37 props in this book.

Includes working drawings. Has an excellent chapter by Dr. He has some silly licensing agreement he wants you to sign before using the ideas Other books are better! If you can't get all of them, start with 4, then go backwards Some haunting info, with lots of history and info on masks.

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Possibly the best production value, and great entertainment value. A good tape to own.


Ricky and Karen Dick are well-known for their detailing and costuming. After seeing this tape, I wanted to jump in the car and drive straight to their haunt! No how-to info, but a great tour. Although small, everything here is useful for any haunt. Buy It Now.

Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Secrets and mysteries surrounding haunted houses are revealed in this descriptive, illustrated book for curious minds. Answering questions such as What makes a house haunted? Can people live in one? Additional Product Features Grade to.

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