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If the group gets it wrong, the leader reveals the abstraction. Each person gets one balloon. Place the rest in a pile nearby. Everyone gets close together and begins bouncing their balloons in the air. Every few seconds, add another balloon. You can keep score by the number of balloons added or by how long the group can keep the balloons bouncing. Players are penalized when a balloon hits the floor. When this happens, shout the number of penalties procured. Keep the cumulative score. The game ends when the team gets five penalties.

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The object is to keep from laughing while being completely ridiculous at the same time. Players face each other in a circle. One person says, "Ha! Start over at that point. The player who laughs last is the winner. Do this activity with at least seven people.

Have the group stand in a circle with their shoulders touching. The rest of the group forms a tight circle in a sturdy stance.

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The outside circle group members have both of their hands up and ready at chest level. The faller may fall any way he or she likes. Remind participants that the more hands on the faller, the safer he or she will feel. Ask group members to remain quiet and focus all attention on the faller. The group can make gentle breeze sounds so long as they can keep the deadpan going without laughing. Another great party game that get's an honorable mention is Mafia. Check it out, have fun and remember Safety first Any icebreaker involving direct contact should be exercised with caution.

The leader should tell everyone up front not to pressurize. Encourage participation, but if someone is not comfortable, just drop it and let him or her know it is OK. Your team will surely grow closer and raise the exhilaration level of the universe in the process! Viral videos galore! Here are a few of my favorites to get the ball rolling: Who wants to get crazy?

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Stick the knife in sissy Dancy pants Bye bye dress code Sleepy head Getting political 2. Rubber face Give each participant a mirror to practice making the funniest face imaginable. Who's feeling brave? Ball-between-foreheads race! Humpty Dumpty race Partners stand back to back.

A cappella karaoke Select popular songs by age group. What makes you weird? Some fodder to get the creative juices flowing: What makes me weird?

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Do Siamese twins pay for one or two tickets? Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing? Boxing Live Round 2 7.

Good Ol' Poker 8. Taxi Rush 9. Pickle Poker Straight Poker Nothing Wild Boxing Live Stunt Dirt Bike 2 Electric Man 2 DogFight 2 Ray Part 2 Spank the Monkey Uphill Vegas Ray Pushori More Top Rated Games. What's Playing Now 1. The Skull Kid 2. Mesh Maker 3. Auto Box 4. Footy Rider 5. James Crawler 6. Drop Dead 3 7. Red And Blue Balls 2 8. Tiny Defender 9. Frosty Balls Life Ark 2 Jumping Box Reincarnation Athos Vs Beasts Courier Combat Daruma Super Mario World Revived Sky Defender Joe's Story William The Chameleon Tiny Combat Fracture Action Games.

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    Dragon Warrior. Arcade Games. The Skull Kid. Rollercoaster Creator. Super Flash Mario Bros. Rollercoaster Rush.

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