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The worksheet name tabs appear in the lower-left corner of the workbook. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate worksheets in Excel. If you have many worksheets in a workbook or give worksheets very long names, you may not be able to see all the worksheet name tabs.

This is because they begin to slide underneath the horizontal scroll bar to the right. Doing this moves the worksheet tab names out from underneath the horizontal scroll bar. Keep clicking until you see the one you want to view. At that point, click its worksheet name tab to view it.

Navigating Worksheets in Excel: Overview

Try the Excel Course for Free! We can sort of work around this by disabling screen updating during Excel cell focus events. But currently this is causing some issues with keyboard input where if a key is sent while screen updating is disabled, Excel does not correctly update some properties for the selection.

It is also worth noting that this bug does not affect UIA, so eventually switching to UIA at least for Excel would get around this also. It is curious though that UIA is not affected meaning that the screen redrawing is happening at quite a high level to COM. Hi all, So I have been reading your comments, and I just had this issue with in the past week at my job. I am using office and I am getting a more than 1 second delay when going between cells.

I am not sure why this issue is happening, but it happened in the last official build of NBDA to. I am using the latest build of NVDA,. And the issue is seeming to get worse and worse. Like they said in earlier comments, the only way I found to get rid of it for a short time is to alt tab out of the spreadsheet and back in again. Ed, the F2 unknown issue is separate from the slow navigating.

It is something Microsoft have changed if you go back and run an older version of NVDA, the problem still happens. Most likely the only way is to go the whole way and switch entirely to UI automation for Excel, and stop using the Excel object model. That is a lot of work, but seems necessary now. Apologies, I replied via email and thought my comment had been included, so am replying here. Personally for me, the priority is extremely high, because I need to use Excel on a daily basis. It seems that there are a couple of different issues happening now which may all be linked.

The first I can see is that there is lag when moving between cells in This is noticeable when the cells have comments or dropdowns, or when there are many rows, for example over The other issue I'm noticing, is that when you enter information in a cell and press enter to update it, nvda simply stops speaking for about a minute, at which point you can navigate around the cells again. If you need me to raise this as a sepperate issue I can do this. However, I think at present, excel is actually unusable for the most part with NVDA because of this, unless very very small sheets with the most basic data are being used.

So priority would be very high I would imagine for Office support. I am happy to assist in any way I can with testing etc. The original plan was to focus on switching to using UI Automation. However, after speaking with Microsoft, UI Automation support is still not complete, thus I am reopening investigation on how we can work around this with our current code. If it helps, I've done some more investigation and it does appear that the thing that really really slows down Excel is special cells, i.

Most times you can get people to simply not use them and enter values manually, although I have noticed that when you enter text in any cell, you have to alt tab out of Excel and back in again, wiggle the cursor around to get it reading smoothly again. To be honest I think Excel is the only thing causing such a major issue at the moment in Office.

PS I have asked my company if they can switch me to but sadly MS exchange needs Outlook so no go. Narrator seems to not lag at all in the same sheets I've tried.

Basic Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

One thing that might help, is making several features optional by allowing them to be disabled in the document formatting settings. Fair point, though I would also think that dropdowns and comments are essential if you are a serious Excel user. Agree with dkager , being able to access those without massive lag is really important. Ultimately we do need to find a method of navigating large documents in Office that contain lots of comments and formatting, especially for people that use it in their jobs, as companys like mine think nothing of putting everything into Excel and filling it with dropdowns, comments, formula and lots of forms into Word.

It's just a shame that each version of Office seems to make things slower and slower. If Word or Excel had the speed of Notepad, I'd be a very very happy man :. Thanks, Ed. It seems that recent versions of Excel has a totally new comments implementation.

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This new implementation in Excel does not seem to cause lag when navigating sheets. It looks as though all that is needed to upgrade the comments is to:. Does this remove the lag? I am not sure in what specific build of Excel this was introduced. My build number is: I am still working with Microsoft to get the original problem fixed though, as the way NvDA currently sets comments with its own comment edit dialog, still causes sheets to have the lag. Sorry but this issue has nothing to do with Excel unless I'm missing something. Can we please stay on topic? A new issue should be opened for the above.

Just thought I'd check though as I do not remember it being this slow before. It takes between 2 and 3 seconds to navigate between cells in a completely blank workbook with no information, no cells filled, no comments or dropdowns. HI guys, very concerned that this has not been updated in a while. Excel is still fairly unusuable with large sheets, we still have to use the formula bar when editing cells with f2 which does not always work if the formula is large, we still can't add comments or use dropdowns.

Do we expect the next version of Office to be better, has anyone tried? Just looking at this issue again, yes the issue is still present in Excel as at 15 October Deleting the comment Move to the cell with the comment, A21 in the originally linked workbook, press the context menu and press M for delete comment does speed things up. With NVDA not running there isn't a slowdown, and also turning off everything in NVDA's document formatting doesn't help I wondered if turning off reporting of comments might help, but it turns out even turning everything in that dialog off doesn't make a difference.

Not related to this issue, but one thing which we did find in another issue, which affects Office at least - NVDA can't read the contents of a cell when editing cells with F2, if the Excel setting "Allow editing directly in cells" is enabled. Disable that in Excel's advanced settings if you are having problems editing Not directly related to this issue, but may help with some frustration.

Hi Quentin, thanks for the confirmation that these issues are still present. You are indeed correct that removing comments, and also dropdowns, as these are another slowdown does improve things. Excel is still very slow in large sheets of data say over rows and 7 columns wide, but it does help. Sadly however many people especially in my organisation use these,a as I suspect to many others. Turning off editing in cells doesn't help very much, yes you can use the formula bar but as I said in my post on the 14th, sometimes if the formula is too big, you can't read this and it locks up.

However, forgive me, your post doesn't mention how any of this is to be resolved. It seems to me we have a lot of issues building up in Excel that make it very hard or frustrating to use especially in an office environment, with no clear resolution path. Given these issues were first raised months ago, I'm curious to know how Microsoft and NVDA plan to work together to firstly fix them and secondly, ensure that when MS make future changes they inform NVDA before it breaks again. In a similar vain, we now have an issue in Outlook where NVDA cannot read the auto suggest names completion box when composing emails.

This has also been open for several months and seems to have been as a result of MS making changes in an update. These issues make the programs difficult or very frustrating to use on a day to day basis which is a shame because NVDA is a fantastic screen reader with MS Office when it works properly. Is there a plan to engage with MS or have them engage more directly with NVDA to resolve any of this either in this version of Office or the upcoming versions?

The same is true for Word as well, support has deteriorated to a point where it lags when editing documents that you'd encounter in a day to day office environment. Not clear what is to be done here in that case. It seems that the relationship between NVDA and the Office devs is breaking down if this is happening or if we can't find a resolution. Surely there must be something we can do? I am going to ring the MS disability help desk today though I'm not sure how involved they can get people in these sort of generalised screen reader related matters.

I have started rewriting Excel support so it does many calls in-process. Has this now been merged into an alpha build can I try it, or do I need to download the build mentioned above?

Using the Shortcut Keys | Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts | InformIT

We had set "English Deutschland ". Just posting my Excel "why is it so slow" solution, might help others too. And I am posting it here since all "answers. I'm not an NVDA participant but am experiencing something very like what is being described in this thread: Excel becomes very slow to scroll if a sheet contain any "notes", or any posted "comments". Skip to content.

#1 Copy Worksheets with Ctrl+Drag

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This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. I am noticing something here. When I maximise the window, this is when excel goes incredibly slow and I am seeing a 3 or 4 second lag. If I restore the window, the lag decreases. However, I need the windddow maximised. If it is not maximised, when I press f2, to edit a cell, i just hear the word "payne" and i'm not able to use the cursor to read what's in the cell.

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The easiest way to do this is: Arrow down to a Arrowing around the sheet should be a lot faster.