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I also find it helps to crystallise an idea so I can move forward when the time is right.

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These can only be imagined in the work. But where possible, I want to represent what we do know in what will hopefully be a symbiotic relationship between reality, concept and aesthetic. I want to do this in a subtle way, in layers and fragments; some of which will be subtle enough to go undetected suggestions of theories regarding what might have been but cannot be known , while others are more obvious. This feels authentic to me.

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I want to do my best without my ego getting in the way. At the time, there was a cholera epidemic, and the spread of disease in what was a poverty-stricken area, resulted in many deaths of many children and babies. It is likely that the children who attended these schools lived nearby, and played in the school grounds and surrounding area.

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This has led me on a wild-goose chase of sorts. The lyrics and melody differ according to where in London the folk song was collected, and the date it was collected, with even greater variations across the UK. London Bridge as we know it today is entirely different to how it would have been sung then, and it is important to me to use the version that is most likely to have existed in Southwark between and Die, Tank, Die!

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