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We are looking for a new generation of writers and thinkers to elevate Lebanese literature and utilize language in a revolutionary manner. Bee colony distance is the same as colonies from road, property line, and neighbor dwellings.

Colonies must be feet or more from the property line of sensitive sites. Bee colonies must be feet or more from the road, feet or more from a neighbor's dwelling, and feet or more from the property line of sensitive sites. This information helps apiary inspectors, pesticide applicators, and first responders contact the beekeeper.

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Beekeepers with bee colonies located in unincorporated areas of San Diego County shall maintain an adequate and accessible supply of fresh water at all times. If an apiary location does not contain sufficient natural water, the beekeeper shall provide water source with landing sites for honey bees to forage without drowning. Bee smoker should have a noncombustible smoker plug and should be carried in noncombustible secondary container with secured lid.

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During vehicle transport of bee smoker with burning or smoldering substances, smoker should be placed in noncombustible container with lid fastened closed. After use, all burning or smoldering substances in bee smoker should be extinguished. Apiaries in Tier A or B in a residential area within feet of neighboring dwellings shall maintain a six foot vertical flyover barrier.

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A flyover barrier directs bees' flight path upward to prevent bees from flying at a height where they could intersect with a person or animal in a neighboring property. The barrier is a solid wall, fence, dense vegetation, or any combination thereof that provides an obstruction through which honey bees cannot readily fly. Property line fences or barriers do not constitute flyover barriers. What goes on in an Apiary inspection? An apiary Inspector ensures that the apiary meets best management practices for beekeeping that are required by the San Diego County ordinance.

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Library assistant Mr Fuller filmed and photographed the thousands of bees as they swarmed around the signs. He posted his photographs on Instagram, eliciting a number of comments including, "I thought the sign had a beard" and "anyone missing a bathmat? Susan Wilkie, of the CBA, said: "When the hive gets too crowded, the bees create a new queen in a queen cell," she said. Leader Jeremy Corbyn will say the government's welfare scheme is "inhumane" and a "disaster".

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England selected Local News Regions Cambridgeshire selected. Cambridge road sign becomes home to bee swarm 9 May Image copyright Julian Fuller Image caption Bees set up home on a sign for housing developments A large colony of bees took a sign post for a housing development to heart - and set up home on it. The swarm landed on the sign pointing towards Abode and other new developments in Cambridge.