The Cost of Favor

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David Holley March 13th, Underwriters and Partners.

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Second, it provides immediate support to the entire population by injecting money into the economy when it is weak and then withdrawing the support as the economy recovers. Spending more on unemployment insurance, SNAP, and Medicaid during a recession, when jobs are scarce, not only helps the families that receive the benefits, but also helps preserve the remaining jobs of those who produce or sell groceries, school supplies, health care, and other essentials.

The Price plan, however, could end all that. Chairman Price proposes that if Congress adopts an annual budget resolution, the entitlement levels in the budget would be sent to the President as separate legislation. Facilitates draconian cuts. The law establishing the entitlement cap would only establish the dollar level for all entitlements taken together, for each year covered by the budget plan.

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There would be no requirement that Congress or the President indicate which programs would have to be cut to comply with the cap. Indeed, the cuts could be achieved through sequestration without any further action by Congress. This would be a serious abnegation of congressional accountability: Congress could first vote for restrictive dollar caps with no plan for how to meet them, and then let presidential sequestration orders enforce those caps through across-the-board cuts for the next decade without ever having to vote for the cuts that occur or to take responsibility for them.

Imagine, for example, a budget like the one that the House Budget Committee — chaired by Rep. Price — reported in March , which purported to balance the budget over the decade with no new revenues. The Price plan would radically change the nature of automatic across-the-board budget cuts, known as sequestration, for entitlement programs.

Current limits on the sequestration of Medicare would also be eliminated. Apparently only interest costs and similar contractually obligated payments, and salaries for federal judges and similar constitutionally protected payments, would be exempt. This broadening of the sequestration base is not the key reason to object to the Price entitlement caps — they are fundamentally misguided no matter how they are enforced.

The Cost of Favor

Both beneficiaries and the economy need entitlements to expand and contract automatically in response to changes in incomes, caseloads, and inflation. The role of automatic stabilizers in mitigating the worst effects of the Great Recession has been well documented, with the conclusion that more robust automatic stabilizers are need to better protect us from such downturns in the future. December 13, Making an Even-Handed Process Highly Unbalanced The current budget process for guarding against higher deficits is fundamentally even handed.

The cap would not only require Congress to pay for new entitlement programs or expansions of existing ones, but the cost could be offset only with cuts in other entitlement programs — not with higher revenues. Further, the entitlement cap would also require Congress to pay for any increases in entitlement costs that are due to factors beyond its control, such as a slowdown in the economy that causes increased spending on unemployment insurance or lower commodity prices that cause higher spending on farm programs.

Congress would be free to enact any tax cuts of any size, without offsetting any of the cost. Favor started out with just the founders, Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty in They launched a test pilot in California and then moved to Austin and initially worked out of the Longhorn Startup Lab space at Guadalupe. Bath has never been a founder.

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In Silicon Valley, people refer to people like Bath, skilled executives brought in to scale a company as the adult supervision, Metcalfe said. Mass growth requires a new skill set, Bath said. He previously helped to scale WeightWatchers. But one thing that has remained true with every single startup that Bath has been involved in, the most important ingredient to building companies is talent, Bath said.

You can take a stab at it. The different experiences that they have. How they work well with others.

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Bath also hosts Town Hall meetings on Mondays at 2 p. The final part of the meeting is what Bath calls eating your own dog food in which team members talk about their experience running Favors, he said. If employees collect all four pins, which can take a year or more, they win two roundtrip tickets to any destination in the U. The company pulled out of markets outside of Texas in January of to focus on Texas and becoming profitable, Bath said.

It was in 25 cities at the time and Canada. Favor had a difficult time raising its Series B round of venture capital funding, Bath said.

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