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S Hudson Industrial Hauler. S Oceana trade. Icarus Class Pilot Escort. IXS Baltic colony. IXS Enterprise. IXS Odysseus. J Class frieghter. Laren Heavy Escort. Maquis Groumall Tuffli. Maquis Raider. Maquis Reborn. In the aftermath of the Cardassian and Dominion offensive, only small pockets of the Maquis remained, isolated and completely impotent.

Aside from those Maquis who had been catpured by the Federation and imprisoned, the largest group of survivors where fr Mercury Class Pilot Escort. NX Fighter. In order to combat increased extra-terrestrial security threats, Nasa has started to apply military applications to it's space exploration projects.

The NX Fighter was specifically designed for high orbit defense as well as light escort duty.

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Orion Dreadnought. It's primary mission to engage enemy t Peregrine Class attack Fighter. Scavenged Galor Class. She is missing a few systems but otherwise Space worthy Space Shuttle. Wait, Jeb? Spock's Jellyfish. Star Explorer. Strongbow Assault Class. Tempest Class Escort. The Probe. Type 8 Shuttle. I'danian Empire. Posidon Colonizer.

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As such, I'danian Colony ship's carry millions of these eggs and a single elder crew who's sole mis Posidon Limulus Fighter Wing. Posidon Station Freighter. Large I'danian Freighter for hauling Star Base modules to their destination Manta fighter. Posidon Prototype Cannon Cruiser. Designed specifically to help combat local pirating Posidon Science Frigate. After the discovery of several space annomalies within I'danian space, The Idanians refited this freighter for further scientific exploration and study Posidon Escort.

Posidon Helmetia Class. Posidon Sidneyia Escort. Posidon Prototype Bomber. A long ranged medium bomber fitted with the latest in anti matter missle technology Posidon Scania WarShip. Posidon Asaphida WarShip. Posidon Ura Assault Battlecruiser. Afterward, Zarek is arrested and divulges the location of the ship which is later escorted back to the fleet. Supply ship similar in design to the Gemenon Traveller. It stores the last stockpiles of meat in the entire fleet.

Zarek temporarily hid President Roslin in one of the ship's freezers during her escape from a Galactica jail cell while covertly transporting her to The Astral Queen. Majahual is featured in the episode " Scar " and is one of the fleet's large mining vessels. It appears as a series of three saucers with four large gripping claws extending downward. The ship can land on asteroids and gather ore vital to the fleet. Living conditions aboard the ship are said to be filthy and deplorable. This is, again, an example of a design from the original series being reused in the re-imagined series.

The McConnell is a supply ship within the fleet that was mentioned in " Black Market ". The ship was one of several that Commander Fisk secretly raided and built up a personal stock pile of high valued goods which he traded within the fleet's black market. Monarch is a mining vessel that is reported as having joined Laura Roslin's splinter group in the episode " The Farm ".

After Dualla reports its departure to Colonel Tigh, he laments the fact that the fleet could not afford to lose miners. Olympic Carrier is a fish-shaped civilian passenger liner, typical of many such ships used by the people of the Twelve Colonies. It is mentioned in the first episode of Season One, " 33 ".

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The Olympic Carrier is supposedly carrying 1, Colonial refugees, one of which is Dr. Amarak, a colleague of Dr. Baltar , who may have known that he was involved with helping the Cylons. After the Cylon attack, the ship is compromised by the Cylons, who use it to pinpoint the fleet's location every time they make an FTL jump. Over the next few days, the fleet is attacked by Cylon Basestars every 33 minutes, to the exact second.

Later however, the Olympic Carrier falls behind during a jump and did not return for several hours. In the meantime, the Cylons do not attack. When asked over radio how they escaped the Cylons, they give unconvincing excuses that they were "let go" and "just lucky". Exactly 33 minutes after the reappearance of the Olympic Carrier , the Cylons reappear. When they failed to follow an order by Commander Adama to stop their engines and not approach the fleet, Adama sent a Colonial Raptor - piloted by Boomer , flanked by Vipers piloted by Starbuck and Apollo - to scan the ship, where they detected the presence of nuclear weapons on board.

During the Miniseries , at least one Pan Galactic liner survived the attack and joined the refugee fleet. The ship in particular is of the similar fish-shaped design seen in other liners like Olympic Carrier. The Pegasus is the second most featured Battlestar on the reimagined TV series. Ship not seen visually, but was part of President Roslin's rescue fleet before joining Galactica. Her captain protests Roslin's decision to abandon the sublight ships when the Cylons show up in the Miniseries. It is assumed Picon 36 had FTL capability and jumped with the fleet as ordered. Prometheus is a cargo vessel that appeared in the episode " Black Market ".

The ship has an "open port" policy similar to Cloud 9 and became the headquarters for the fleet's black market operations. The black market was allowed, unofficially, to continue operations with the stipulations that there are no killings, that they don't hold back on essential medicines and their child prostitution ring is ended. The ship's name comes from Greek mythology , Prometheus the Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. A civilian ship with people aboard. Also called "Tanker Birds" these ships can link up to Vipers and Raptors for mid-flight refueling. The ships have not been seen on-screen but are believed to be modified Raptors with a fuel transfer boom.

There may be one or more larger tanker ships like the Hitei Kan , sized for refueling the fleet's bigger ships. In "Home", Part I , the Striker collides with one during a botched refueling maneuver. The Cylon Resurrection Hub was an enormous mobile base that controlled the function of all of the Cylon resurrection ships.

The ship appeared as a diamond shaped craft with a skeletal structure similar to the resurrection ships. A Raptor manages to take out the Hub's FTL drive, thus stranding it in one spot, preventing it from escaping. The three escape the Hub on a Raptor and Helo orders a nuclear attack on the Hub. The Colonial Vipers, armed with nuclear missiles, line up and launch their nuclear missiles into the Hub, destroying it in an explosion so powerful at least one of its escort basestars are destroyed too while the other is either severely damaged or destroyed.

With the Resurrection Hub destroyed, the Cylons lose their ability to resurrect forever. The Cylon Resurrection Ship is a class of Cylon FTL-equipped starship that allowed the consciousness of any Cylon, within an unspecified range, to download into a new body aboard the ship upon death. The ship appeared as an elongated vessel built as a series of spider-shaped support frames.

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In between the frames were levels upon levels of transparent containers each holding a humanoid Cylon body in suspended animation. In the fourth season episode " The Hub ", it was discovered that the resurrection ships were controlled by a central control ship called "The Hub", which actually kept a back-up of the persona for each model of Cylon.


Once the hub was destroyed, the resurrection ships were useless and no Cylon was able to resurrect after death. Tigh's estranged wife Ellen Tigh was discovered alive aboard the vessel. It was also briefly mentioned in " 33 " when the fleet's first child is born on it. Doctor Cottle is aboard the Rising Star when the Cylons arrive at Kobol, making him unable to help the seriously wounded Adama. The Rising Star appears as a sleek-looking, arrowhead-shaped starship and is another carried over design and name from the original series to the reimagining. The most notable features are a pair of vent-like openings above the "wings" on either side of the hull, which appear to be used as landing bays for smaller craft.

A vessel that resembles the Rising Star is seen in Razor when the Battlestar Pegasus finds fifteen civilian ships. Ship that docks with Galactica in the episode " Litmus " to offload civilians and take on supplies. A copy of Cylon agent Aaron Doral disembarks this ship and commits a suicide bombing that nearly kills Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh. The Scylla was one of 15 civilian transports picked up by the Battlestar Pegasus. Admiral Cain stripped the ship for spare parts and integrated its useful crew to the Pegasus. The Scylla was then abandoned with the rest of the fleet as Cain continued her pursuit of the Cylon fleet which was tracking Galactica.

The ship is seen for the first time in Razor , along with a few other ships that were found by Admiral Cain. It is first mentioned in the episode Pegasus Battlestar Galactica. This ship was the ship from which Laird was originally transferred. A Colonial stealth craft, the Stealthstar was used to spy on the Cylons.

Commander Adama, under orders not to cross the boundary decided to shoot down Novacek with a missile to avoid capture. Unknown to Adama, Novacek had ejected and was captured by the Cylons. The Stealthstar was featured in a flash back sequence in the episode " Hero ".

Striker' s wireless goes silent and they go into an uncontrolled spin after the collision, forcing Galactica to dispatch a repair team to the vessel. The Striker is of the same design as the Celestra from the original series. The Tauranian Traveller is a civilian transport in the fleet mentioned in a deleted scene from the episode " 33 ".

Because of the relentless Cylon attacks every 33 minutes, President Roslin informs Commander Adama that the ship's captain is threatening to leave the fleet and take their chances on their own. Adama initially says that if any captain feels they can make it on their own, they are welcome to leave, but Roslin deems that decision unacceptable and says there are people aboard the ship and have to stay together to assure survival.

Adama changes his mind and tells Roslin that any captain wanting to defect from the fleet will be arrested. He orders Vipers to do a close flyby of the Tauranian Traveller to get the message across. A civilian transport within the fleet. In " The Passage ", the ship made it successfully through the dangerous star cluster to the Algae Planet. In " The Woman King ", some of the passengers from the ship contract Mellorak disease and had to be transferred to Dogsville aboard Galactica for medical care. Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo served on the Triton prior to its destruction: Boomer refers to him as a "refugee from Triton " in the episode " 33 ", and Crashdown's flight suit still bears a Battlestar Triton crew patch.

The Valkyrie was involved in a Black Ops recon mission to spy on the Cylons a year before their sneak attack on the colonies. The Valkyrie makes an appearance in a flashback sequence in the episode " Hero ". The Valkyrie is stated as being a newer and more prestigious ship than the Galactica , [9] and was also a different type of Battlestar than the Pegasus. The eventual fate of the Valkyrie is not known, but she is presumed to have been destroyed along with the rest of the Colonial Fleet except the Galactica and the Pegasus during the Cylon assault on the Twelve Colonies.

In Battlestar Galactica: Razor , during the cylon attack on the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, two battlestars similar in class to the Valkyrie are shown to be destroyed while docked. Several Valkyrie-type battlestars, including the Valkyrie herself, were shown being destroyed during the Cylon ambush of the colonies. The Valkyrie and Yashuman attempted to engage a Cylon basestar fleet without success shortly before succumbing to the Command Navigation Program virus that rendered their systems inoperative.

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