The Little Green Apple

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Like mother like daughter. Any of the tips for windfall or under-ripe apples should still apply if there's anything that fits your pantry needs. One thing I did a few years ago well, maybe it was more like twenty years ago when I had five shopping bags of apples that my sister literally dropped off on my porch was I made apple butter. I have no idea what I put in it this was - gasp! They all loved it and they are all still alive Raw green apples - unless they were Granny Smith's - are poorly digested. But cooked, no problem.

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Green apples are great sliced and fried as a supper side dish. Just saute them in butter or margarine and when tender sprinkle the skillet full with sugar to taste - let it carmelize a bit before serving.

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They can also be dried and used, mixed with fresh, for Dried Apple Pie or turnovers both freeze well. Then there is applesauce - will need extra sugar and of course the required lemon juice for windfalls. But I agree with Malna - apple butter can't be beat. Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't believe that she peeled all the apples. They were beautiful. We made a lovely batch of applebutter. Yesterday she brought home another bag.

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Maybe she will also peel these as well. My step-grandkids were quite stunned to discover that tomatoes grow on a plant, NOT in a plastic box at the grocery store :- I taught them how to make homemade noodles, and now the first words after "Hi" are "What are we going to make today? Now you need one of those cheap crank type gadgets that peel, slice ansd core the apples all at once. My bushel took only a couple of hours to do, but thats also because a few were mishapen, and needed a knife to cut away a few of the seed cavities.

Just when out and found 4 apples I missed. They are much crisper than the ones that sat here in the kitchen all through my 17 day hospital stay. Tossed out a lot of rotten and mushy ones too. Yeah, I used to have one, I lost it or it broke. I can peel pretty fast though. But I'm finally almost done so I'm going to put up more apple today. Another batch of apple butter and apple pie jam.

The Little Green Apple

I wish I dad the apple and pear trees we had when I was growing up. We would pick bushels. Last year we planted 3 apples and 2 pears ordered from Miller's Nursery. That good but it'll be a few years before I'll get fruit. I get my stuff from Starke Bros. They seem to be bigger stock. When you fertilize the apples, add some fruit tree fertilizer around them.

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I use the Gradens Alive fruit tree ferts. The build up formula 2 times per year in spring and fall to 2 years. Then the maintenance formular after that, twice a year.

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The maint formula also works very well for red paspberies. My Asian pears here, I bought from a lady who was selling on eBay. One tree has two Asian pears on it right now, ready to pick. The other two are smaller, and one died the first year show she replaced it.

Little Green Apples was first released in 2013 on the album Swings Both Ways.

Asian pears need no sprays of any kind, as the skins are russeted. Shinko, New Century, and a third one. All are doing quite well. Here is a link that might be useful: Inexpensive apple peeler.. Thank you ksrogers, I will look into the fertilizer. I'd love to have more fruit, I hope to add a few more trees next spring.

You must have a wonderful garden. Yes, its been getting a bit smaller as the years go by, due to my physical efforts. I also have an ever expanding asparagus patch that has given me quite a lot the past few years. Also, there are some horse radish roots, garlic chive and my favorite winter chives actually a tiny wild onion. My garlic and shallots being planted this year will take up a 30 foot by 4 foot strip near the back. Next year, most of the available garden space will be taken up by corn, and maybe brussels sprouts, or broccoli. Some of my broccoli this year were Packman type with nice big heads, the another type that had smaller heads, but many side shoots of smaller crowns, that are still growing even now.

I usualy start most seeds that need a longer growing time indoors in about mid to late April. For my garden, I use a black plastic fabric heavy duty 6 foot wide as a weed block and remove and reuse this every year now. The garden gets tilled in early spring, but only after I have a good soil test done by a lab. Once I find out what it needs this year a lot more nitrogen, and last year a lot of iron.

Then I apply these and rototill them into the soil. I have a small tractor with a big pound drag mat that I use to flatten out the whole area after tilling. Its a lot of work every year, but well worth it if I am wanting a decent amount of stuff growing well. One of my favorite things is corn gluten.

Its applied in my asparagus area and helps keep weed seeds from sprouting. Later on, it breaks down and gives plenty of nitrogen to the 'gus' plants. They grow big spears now, as opposed to thin puny ones. I even introduced orchard mason bees that do very early pollination of some of my fruit tree blossoms.

They go back to their house after the middle of May, when all the other bees are out. Let our kind, courteous staff help you celebrate life events large and small or show you care in moments of need. When you need to send support and encouragement, we offer a selection of thinking-of-you , get well and sympathy cards. For questions, call us at Share your Hallmark store experience, and see what others had to say.

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