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This is a memorable portrait of two young women trying to make sense of their lives and coming face to face with themselves—for both the last and the very first time. Once again tackling difficult subject matter through elegantly crafted free verse, Hopkins Traffick tells the story of year-old Ariel; her father, Mark; and Maya, also 17, who jumps into a relationship with an older man to escape her mother.

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Mark is an alcoholic drifter, prone to angry and violent outbursts. He has finally settled down long enough for Ariel to finish an entire school year in Sonora, Calif. Hopkins creates a satisfying and moving story, and her carefully structured poems ensure that each word and phrase is savored.

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Ages 14—up. Ellen Hopkins. The You I've Never Known. Buy the book.

Amazon Powell. Bamm iTunes. About the Book. To Begin. Oh, to be given the gifts of the chameleon!

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Home Ariel. Four letters, one silent. The Maccabees are outnumbered and they know that their defeat would be the end of their life. Her excavation is on land owned by Tosh Scarborough.

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