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She was seventeen and willow thin. He was a dauntingly mature twenty-four, tall, dark, and very near handsome. Introduced at the dance by her second cousin, they looked at one another and the world tilted on its axis. He gave her a single gardenia for a corsage, and they danced. When it was time to go, she scribbled her phone number on a matchbook. He wrote his address on a corner of the dance program. And she, laughing, revealed that hers had been tucked behind the velvet lining of her jewelry box.

They dated. She finished high school. He worked during the day and went to business school at night. He bought her a dozen roses. She complained, sweetly, that he was extravagant. Why not something she really liked, she asked, like. Thereafter when he came to call, he brought her a single gardenia and an avocado when they were in season. They talked of marriage. They plotted an elopement. On an early morning in March, he waited outside her house for her mother to go to work.

Instead, it was the bride-to-be herself who came out with tears in her eyes. Aunts and uncles and friends were called and their aid enlisted. Flowers arrived. A minister was engaged. The groom was swept out of the busy household by two uncles who managed to get him drunk and bring him back almost too late. An impromptu smorgasbord was set out.

Her best formal dress of pale blue voile was her wedding gown. And they lived happily ever after. Except that three kids and real life kept interfering. Now he sits in his recliner telling me, his middle child, the story again, and looks at a picture of her at sixteen. It goes so fast. In I drove a new Cadillac to Mexico. I thought I could sell the car and live there long enough to change my life. I was twenty-six. In Guadalajara I parked the car on a side street in the middle of the city.

Two young women were walking toward me. I fell in love with the one in the red dress even before she spoke. They stopped to look at the car. I got out and greeted them and offered to drive them wherever they were going. We just made it when the car ran out of gas. I was a grateful guest of the hacienda until gas could be brought by mule. I was in love with the daughter, but the hacienda and her father, an Old World gentleman with the finest manners, also enchanted me. Everything I admired, he said was mine. So I told him I admired his daughter.

In the most polite way he told me I was no longer welcome. That night she and I took two horses down the mountain to the village, woke the old priest, and for a certain sum of money we were married.

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A year later we returned. Her father was happy to see us but the car was still without gas! Please excuse my English. My husband of many years writes to you of our romance. I too would like to write of this. My sister and I are walking to the bus in Guadalajara. We go to Ahuitla and then to the hacienda of my papa.

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Standing in the street, we see this fine new car. Never before have we seen one like this. We stop to admire. Out of the car steps this young man. My sister is so bold she speaks to him. He speaks our language, but not so well. He says he will drive us where we want to go. My sister speaks to me very fast so he cannot understand. What fun it would be to arrive in Ahuitla in this fine blue Cadillac. All the caballeros would open their eyes, no? I say there is no harm; we are two, he is only one.

So we go. It takes many hours to go a few kilometers, the road is so bad. But Eduardo, the young man, is happy to do this for us. Finally we arrive. The car has no more gas. Out comes my father. If you know my father, you know he is very polite. He invites Eduardo in. What else can he do? Papa says we will send for the gas. So for a few days Eduardo stays. He talks a lot to my papa. We walk in the mountains. My sister of course is with us. But she is very kind and lets us talk together many times. He says he loves me. But what can I do? It is not for me to say what happens in my life.

Then he makes the mistake. My father is so polite, and Eduardo does not understand so well. This is a courtesy, you understand. I love her, I want to marry her. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow mirrorceleb. Show more comments. Celebs all Most Read Most Recent. Most Read Most Recent. Top Stories. Nightclubs Club owner's 'disgusting' response to teen who claims drink was spiked. This summer, Barnicle spent time with Kerry on Nantucket, where Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz, have a house on the water and a seventy-six-foot, seven-million-dollar sailboat called Isabel.

The Lab has the Twitter handle DiploMutt. I asked Kerry how long he carried around a sense of anger and resentment. The Secretary of State looked up from his halibut. An ill wind of panic swept the oblong plain of his face. His gaze turned to his wife, wordlessly imploring her to keep quiet. I could have done some things a little bit differently. He is seventy-two, and this is almost surely his last high-ranking job as a public official.

That deal, which is designed to prevent Iran from building an atomic weapon and sparking a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East, was signed two months ago. But it was never a foregone conclusion. Kerry has shown repeatedly that he will use any lever as a means of diplomatic persuasion—including his defeat in In July, , Afghanistan faced a potential civil war as the candidates to succeed Hamid Karzai as President—Abdullah Abdullah, a physician and the former foreign minister, and Ashraf Ghani, the former chancellor of Kabul University—charged each other with trying to steal the election.

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I know your frustration. The United Nations carried out an audit of the election and determined that although there had been fraud on both sides, Ghani had won.

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Abdullah was still not prepared to yield. He asked Abdullah to put his phone on speaker so that his aides could hear. I even went to court in America to keep polling places open to make sure my people could vote.

I knew that even in my country, the United States, where we had hundreds of years of practicing democracy, we still had problems carrying out that election. The next afternoon, I had a meeting with my people, and I told them that I did not think it appropriate of me to take the country through three or four months of not knowing who the President was.

Inside the Iran Talks

So that afternoon in Boston I conceded to the President and talked about the need to bring the country together. One of the main lessons from this is there is a future. There is a tomorrow. Kerry and Heinz have no shortage of residences; in addition to the houses in Georgetown and on Nantucket, they live in an eighteenth-century five-story pile on Louisburg Square, in Beacon Hill; in a family compound on Naushon, a private island off Cape Cod; in a fifteenth-century English farmhouse that was reassembled on the bank of Big Wood River, in Sun Valley; and on a ninety-acre farm called Rosemont, outside Pittsburgh, where Heinz spent time with her first husband, H.

When Kerry ran for President, her fortune was estimated at around a billion dollars. Kerry and Heinz keep their financial assets separate, but, had Kerry won in , they would, together, have been the wealthiest family ever to occupy the White House. As Secretary of State, however, Kerry spends much of his life onboard a worse-for-wear government jet, a Boeing Kerry is six-four and walks with a pained roll in his gait.

He has had both hips replaced—his ice-hockey days at Yale took a toll—and he is still recovering from an accident last May, in which he steered his racing bike into a curb, crashed to the road, and shattered his right femur. He travels in a cabin in the front of the plane, where a couch unfolds into a bed, allowing him to stretch out to read briefing papers and to make calls on a secure telephone line to foreign leaders and to the White House.

I want to know what made this place like it is. His job is to give strategic advice, help execute White House policy, tamp down crises, and reach agreements; to stroke allies, send clear signals to powers considered more problematic, like Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China; and to forge potential relationships with old enemies like Iran. The Obama Administration, working in the political safe haven of a second term, has won two recent, if divisive, victories: the deal with Iran and the opening to Cuba. This trip was designed mainly to get wildly disparate parties from the West, Russia, and the Middle East to begin negotiations on Syria.

Kerry argued that the hellbound trajectory of events was heading toward calamity, and he had to try; his critics said that the conditions were not ripe, and that the effort amounted to a diplomatic vanity project. And yet the two have markedly different temperaments and views of what the United States should attempt to achieve, particularly in the Middle East. Obama sees the region in the throes of historical turmoil—Sunni versus Shia, civil war in Syria, threats to national boundaries drawn by France and Great Britain a century ago, threats to the stability of Lebanon, Jordan, even Saudi Arabia.

Having seen one intervention after another fail, he is determined to act with restraint. We will deal with it! We just need to find it and lead people there. We landed at a military airport in Berlin. In recent weeks, there had been an alarming uptick in street violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank—stabbings, shootings, rock throwing, face-offs with troops—and at least some of it was due to rumors that the Israelis wanted to exert more control over the Temple Mount, in the Old City, or what Arabs call the Haram al-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary.

Some Israelis on the religious right want to build a Third Temple there; some Arabs claim, wrongly, that the site, now dominated by the Al Aqsa Mosque, never had any Jewish historical importance. Kerry met with Netanyahu with the modest goal of dialling back the rhetoric about the Temple Mount on both sides, getting the Israelis to make it clear that the complex status quo was not going to change.

But Netanyahu had just infuriated him by giving a speech suggesting that the grand mufti of Jerusalem in the thirties was the ideological inspiration for the Final Solution. American officials speak of Netanyahu as myopic, entitled, untrustworthy, routinely disrespectful toward the President, and focussed solely on short-term political tactics to keep his right-wing constituency in line. Netanyahu seems not to care if he insults the Administration.

Can Secretary of State John Kerry break through in Syria?

Ron Dermer, his ambassador to the U. His public comments now make it clear that only if Israel and the Palestinians come knocking will he get involved in a negotiation. The relationship further soured when Netanyahu brought his campaign against the Iran nuclear deal to the floor of the U. The Israelis have all the cards. As a diplomat, Kerry is duty-bound to describe raw reality in upholstered platitudes.

I happen to believe there is a way forward. People would make so much money. There could be peace. And you would be stronger for it. Because nobody that I know or have met in the West Bank is anxious to have jihadis come in. There will be more rockets. And there will be more people on the border. And what happens then?

It seems to me it is far more intelligent and far more strategic—which is an important word here—to have a theory of how you are going to preserve the Jewish state and be a democracy and a beacon to the world that everybody envisioned when Israel was created. Will it be a democracy? Will it be a Jewish state? Or will it be a unitary state with two systems, or some draconian treatment of Palestinians, because to let them vote would be to dilute the Jewish state?

I have no answer to that. But the problem is, neither do they. Neither do the people who are supposed to be providing answers to this.

specertronatrodars.tk In the evening, Kerry flew from Berlin to Vienna, where, in meetings with his Russian, Turkish, and Saudi counterparts, the focus would turn to Syria. Some of the reporters on the State Department beat recall with nostalgia a time when Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice regularly came to the back of the plane to brief them, often on the record. White House officials have made it clear that his bouts of verbal indiscipline are unwelcome, and his trips to the back of the plane are less frequent.

The State Department beat is trying. The reporters are sardined into the back of the plane for endless flights and, upon arrival, spend hours waiting in hotel and airport holding rooms, interrupted by bursts of stenography. While Kerry met with Sergei Lavrov, his Russian counterpart, at the Hotel Imperial, we pecked at the birdseed of the pool report, a couple of precisely quoted non-quotes. My recorder was running for a total of twenty-two seconds. But the talks were of real significance. Kerry was trying to persuade his interlocutors, especially the Saudis, of the wisdom of including Iran, which has worked with the Russians to prop up Assad, in future talks.